GSAS X Yiling Laozu Figurine (Deposit)

GSAS X Yiling Laozu Figurine (Deposit)

GSAS X Yiling Laozu Figurine (Deposit)

GSC WeChat Mall - Acrylic Standees

GSC Tmall Store - Shikishi

Tencent Store - PET Poster + Lenticular Card

  • Deposit = SGD50
  • Balance Payment = SGD400


No codes needed for deposit. Should you decide to pay in full for Tencent Store, you may use your codes if you are VIPeaches member. Should you have any questions, please DM @themerchhaven on Twitter. Messages sent via website CHAT or EMAIL will not be answered.


What You Need To Know

  • Method of Shipping: Transit Shipping (CN-SG-INTL)
  • SG-INTL: All shipments will be sent via SingPost / J&T / Aramex


Shipping fees will be updated soon! Do make sure that the shipping fees are acceptable before purchasing. I am unable to minimise any shipping cost for SingPost.


How To Order

  • Please signup/login to the member's account to keep track of your orders!
  • Local SG Buyers: 2nd payment (balance) & 3rd payment (CN-SG shipping).
  • International Buyers: 2nd payment (balance) & 3rd payment (CN-SG-INTL shipping). Please checkout directly from the site via PayPal.


Things To Take Note

  • EU & UK Buyers: This shop does not charge VAT/TAX at the point of sale and is not responsible for any compensation should your customs dispose your package when you choose not to pay your respective customs.


  • Ensure your PayPal is in working order. Should shipping invoices not be paid within 24h for 2nd payment, charges will apply. Your order will be cancelled and no refunds will given if no action have been taken after 7 days have passed.


Should your reason for raising disputes be in any form related to not feeling safe, fearing that I have taken your money and run away with it, your dispute will be ignored. If I choose to refund, you will be blacklisted.



  • Please do an unboxing video once you received your parcels, from opening up the package till you see the flaws.
  • Pictures will not be entertained. No unboxing videos = no action. Please DM me with the video if you did not receive your orders correctly.
  • Terms & Conditions

    • Make sure you have read the Rules & FAQs.
    • No refunds or cancellation will be entertained once transaction goes through. Please be responsible for your well-being. 
    • No delay in payment. Once you passed the 24h mark, your order will be cancelled. 
    • No exchange/refund of merch. Once they arrive in SG, I will check and wrap them securely. When they leave SG, please understand that I am not able to do any refunds nor exchange when items are damaged through the shipping process.
  • Shipping & Payment

    Please note that all buyers will receive a second payment for shipping. International shipping will take 4-6 weeks due to limited flights available during this period. Also, please remember that DHL eCommerce works like a normal postal service. It is NOT the express service.


    All items will be checked thoroughly by me when it reaches Singapore. I will do my best to secure your items with protection but once it leaves my hands, I am unable to control any sort of damage done to your merch. If you are unable to accept that I won't be able to do any forms of refunds/exchange, please do not proceed with the purchase. Do an unboxing video in case there are missing items. No videos = no proof. Thank you for your understanding!