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MDZS X GSAS WangXian 1/8 Scale Figure [不羡仙 Ver.]

MDZS X GSAS WangXian 1/8 Scale Figure [不羡仙 Ver.]

MDZS X GSAS WangXian 1/8 Scale Figure [不羡仙 Ver.]


  • Tencent - SGD$575
  • Tmall - SGD$688
  • WeChat - SGD$658
  • Estimated Release: Dec 2023
  • Tencent is currently having an early bird discount!


Note: Sellers usually don't do very well on packaging so please avoid purchasing if you're mindful of the outer packaging. Honestly, it's a pain to actually deal with WeChat & Tencent customer service 🥹🥹🥹~ Alternatively, if you have your own CN warehouse address, do let me know and I'll ship over there instead. 


Payment Method

Please signup/login to the member's account BEFORE ordering to keep track of your orders!

  • International Buyers: PayPal or Cards
  • SG Buyers: PayNow, Cards
  • 2nd Payment: SG-INTL Shipping (SG-INTL --> Here)


Pretty please make sure you read everything! 


All information stated above is updated as of 9th August 2022.

  • Please Read! Please Read! Please Read!

    Please Read! Please Read! Please Read!

    • Read the Rules & FAQs!
    • Ensure your PayPal is in working order. Should shipping invoices not be paid within 24h for 2nd payment, charges will apply. Your order will be cancelled and no refunds will given if no action have been taken after 7 days have passed.
    • International shipping will take a min. of 4-6 weeks as there are limited flights available due to COVID19.



    • Please do an unboxing video once you received your parcels. Pictures will not be entertained.
    • No unboxing videos = no action. Please DM me with the video if you did not receive your orders correctly.


    Exchange & Refunds

    • Items with damaged outer packaging are not considered defects as sellers may not wrap them with full protection. E.g. TGCF Manhua Art Collection books from Bilibili
    • Once it's here in SG, all items will be checked (excluding sealed ones unless specifically requested). Protection such as bubble wrap will be used to secure your items.
    • As such, please understand that there will be no exchange or refunds allowed for items damaged through transit. If your country's postal service is rough (e.g. Texas), please let me know in advance!
    • Be rest assured that the most affordable shipping methods will be used. If you are unable to accept that I won't be able to do any forms of refunds/exchange/replacement or reduce shipping, please do not proceed with the puchase. See shipping FAQ for more information.
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