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The Merch Haven

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Hewooo! Welcome to The Merch Haven!


Your one-stop haven to many donghua and manhua merchandise from China, Japan & Taiwan! Be rest assured that all things purchased from this shop are all official and authentic merchandise as they are sourced from direct sources (e.g. official shops in Taobao, MaoerFM, Weidian, Animate, etc.)

Based in Singapore, all items will be shipped here first before sending them out internationally. All local and international buyers are welcome! Do keep an eye out the Discord server and Twitter for purchase links!

The Merch Haven is also proud to announce that we are an official distributor for 模偶饭 MOFANS!

(MOFANS is currently producing Erha manhua merch! Purchase them HERE!)

若有需要海外代理商,请往 发电子邮件联系我!我会在一天内回复您!记得留下您的微信或者QQ账号,方便我联系您哦~


Instagram: themerchhaven_

Facebook Page:

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