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Shipping Fee

All items purchased will be shipped to Singapore first. International parcels will be shipped via SingPost registered mails or Asendia (TBC). Local SG deliveries will be shipped via Qxpress.

Rules & FAQs

I am not doing group orders so please don't DM me to ask why my fees are much higher.

  1. What is the currency reflected on your site? What are the methods of payment?

    • The currency is Singaporean Dollars, SGD.

    • Method of Payment: PayNow, PahLah!, PayPal, Debit/Credit Cards

  2. How do I select the various payment methods? 

    • PayPal: Express Checkout

    • PayNow: 'Other Payment Methods' -- 'Manual Payment Method'

    •  Debit/Credit Cards: 'Other Payment Methods' -- 'Stripe'

  3. How do I know if my order is confirmed? 

    • You should receive a confirmation email with your order number (e.g. #1xxxx).

  4. How does your preorders & instocks work? 

    • Each listing works differently. See each listing for the most updated form of ordering.

    • Preorders: Usually deposit first and/or balance payment later & international shipping.

    • Instocks: Free shipping for certain events or second payment for international shipping

    • Look out for instocks event: #WeekendsWithTheMerchHaven #FlashSaleWithTheMerchHaven

  1. When will my order be packed? How long do I have to pay for shipping?

    • Orders are usually packed in chronological order. The waiting time is around 3-4 months (subjected to change) AFTER seller has released the merch. You should receive your invoice via PayPal for shipping. The deadline is 24 hours but if you need more time, please DM me via Twitter for extension!

  2. I have purchased multiple items. Will you ship them together?

    • It depends on your items and time of arrival. Small items may be combined but items will usually be sent as they come. Do take note that international parcels have a limit of 2KG​ via SingPost Registered Mail.

  3. Is shipping free? It states FREE when I checkout.

  4. I keyed in the wrong address. How do I change it?

    • Please DM me via Twitter immediately for changes. ​Also, do check your PayPal invoice when its time for shipping! I will state the address in the notes section.

  5. Shipping Fees & Compensation

  6. Refunds, Exchange & Missing Items

    • Refunds: Refunds are strictly not allowed once items have been purchased. Please look for your country's GOs first before paying your deposit with me, and not ask for refunds after you find one.

    • Exchange & Missing Items: Please remember to do an unboxing video just in case there are missing items! Damaged items may be allowed for compensation by the couriers if there is sufficient proof, but this is usually hard to get. Hence, I will try my very best to secure your package so that it arrives safely to you!



  1. Any messages via any mode of contact that is not in English will not be answered. It is understandable that not everyone's first language is EN so please use Google Translate. 

  2. As all prices and shipping fees are stated very clearly, you will be blacklisted and banned from all future purchases if your transaction is successful and you ask for refunds. Screenshots of the conversations will also be made public. Some reasons are as shown: 

    • "Found other GOs"

    • "Need money for food"

    • "Shipping is too expensive"

    • Raising disputes via PayPal immediately without dropping me a message

    • Thinking that I ran off with your money


While I am unable to do anything for damage done to the outer packaging for the CN-SG shipping, I will do my best to secure them from SG-INTL. However,  please understand that I am would not be able to do any refunds nor exchanges if items have been damaged through the shipping process as that is not within my control. Shipping fee will not be refunded as well. In any case, please do unboxing videos and let me know if anything is missing. (Only VIDEOS, photos will not be entertained.)

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